Information Technology is a critical driver in the telecom industry and is also central to providing world-class customer service and innovative offerings. As such, the underlying IT systems, capabilities and architecture play a central role in enabling telecom players to achieve their operational aspirations. The growing telecom business consolidation across the globe and especially in US is throwing huge challenges to the enterprises in selecting the target systems to quickly achieve the business as usual scenarios with minimal spending, maximum accuracy and optimal user comfort.

The consolidation of IT systems presents unique set of challenges with respect to varied products /applications in use, performing similar functions in both the enterprises. The challenges typically faced in mergers can be broadly classified into consolidation of people, physical assets, processes and underlying IT systems. Detailed analysis of these challenges has to be performed for a very smooth and successful transition post-merger.

Over the years, Futiq helped several enterprises with system consolidation and integration both during the merger process and post-merger. Futiq’s strong domain expertise coupled with “adopt & go” processes and execution methodologies have helped the enterprises in achieving smooth merger of business processes and the underlying IT systems while controlling costs and ensuring performance and accuracy.